Top 10 TW Characters (as voted by my followers)
1. Lydia Martin

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Lydia Martin
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Taylor Swift

Remember what it feels like - all of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you’re with him. Or those times in class when you - you can’t stop looking at the clock because you know that he’s standing right out there waiting for you…


taylorswift + stand up to cancer (x)

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Taylor Swift

the rest of the world was black & white, but we were in screaming color

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Taylor Swift
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Dylan O'brien

look where our hearts have led us

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"Reading has always been the thing that I’ve done the most, apart from sleeping and stuff, so I guess that’s a good place to start. I am one of those people who read everything, regardless of whether or not it’s shit. I don’t know why, but I will have just as much fun reading something really awful as I do something really good."

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Bonus track

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Taylor Swift

Sam Claflin and Lily Collins for Net-a-Porter (2014)